We supply 10kVA Generators to suit your needs. It is however not available for rental, hence only for purchase. The 10kVA Generator that we carry are the heavy duty type, hence not the “pasar malam” type which you usually see. The difference is that our 10kVA runs in a standard 1500 RPM instead of the lower duty rating generator which runs at 3000 RPM. Because of the lower speed of our generators, this produces less wear and tear, hence giving you a longer life span and lower maintenance costs.

Our 10kVA Generators are reasonably priced and you can rest assure that you are buying high quality 10kVA Generators from us. Also the 10kVA would be suitable for various uses such as powering up water pumps, small welding sets, drills, air compressors and even air conditioning for a small cabin. It is versatile enough to perform day to day use for a small office and fuel economy enough to be using it for the long run.

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