25kVA Generator Rental

The 25kVA Generator is suitable for rental in construction sites, events and for home use. Their size is typically 1.8 meters length by 0.8 meters wide by 1 meter high.

Because of its small size it is suitable to be placed behind a prime mover or lorry. This kind of application is usually to power up reefer boxes in containers or fish water compressors so that the fishes can be preserved in its mobile pond.

The 25kVA is one of the most versatile, yet affordable and easy to transport generator in the industry. Hence it is suitable to be used for small events as aforementioned. It can power up several speakers, fans and lighting for marquee tents. It is also silent and can last for long hours.

Get one from us today so that you can have your power supply in a reliable manner in Malaysia!


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