Perfect Backup Generator Malaysia

A backup generator is one which should be able to start itself up upon Mains Failure (electricity blackouts). It should also allow minimum human intervention so that the user does not need to lift a finger and still enjoy air conditioning during blackouts.

Imagine this scenario – TNB cuts power to your home. You experience a blackout for 15 seconds. Suddenly, lights are all up again and your air conditioning is blowing. You look out the window and you see darknessa everywhere else except your own home. That is what you call a Backup Generator in the working.

The 28kVA generator is a perfectly sized genset that suitsĀ almost every home in Malaysia. Whether you live in a link home, a semi detached or a detached home, it would be able to power up essential items in your home such as the refridgerator (prevents your fresh poultry and fish from decaying), air conditining for 2 to 3 rooms, television, computer and internet. This is what we call basic necessities in Malaysia.

With our 28kVA MGM Genset, it is certainly a good size to have and not to mention it is the most value for money generator for its class. It comes with ATS, Battery Charger, built in sockets and more just to mention a few. Oh, did I mention that it comes with a CPU as well which can take care of itself and tell you whenever there is a fault in the system? This includes overheating, over voltage, under voltage, over and under current. What more can you ask for such a value for money generator?

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