300kVA Generator Rental

The 300kVA Gensets are also known as Medium-Large generator capacities. They are suited for construction site use and as backup generators for buildings. The amount of ampere that it can produce would typically be around 300 amperes for prime usage. Of course it will depend also if you are running conduction current or rotary equipments where motors would require more Locked Rotor Amperes (LRA) therefore a higher amperage is required to start the motor. It is therefore advisable to use an inverter for such motor applications.

Our 300kVA Generators are one of our most popular because construction sites that rent it would usually use it for their tower cranes and cement batching plants that uses this generator. You can actually build a mini factory with such generators. In fact, to have a mobile factory, all you need is just a mobile generator and a mobile production plant.

Should you require a 300kVA Generator rental, contact us immediately so that we can help you solve your power requirements and provide you with affordable solutions.


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