60kVA MGM Genset

The 60kVA MGM Genset is a generator which is suited to be used as a Backup Generator or a Home Generator. The best part about this generator is its sheer size. The 60kVA is suited to almost any type of home in Malaysia. It can power up 60 amps of equipment at a time. This means that it can simultaneously power 10 units of single horse power air conditioning and lights. Most of the time, you won’t need such a big generator but just in case you are having a party and the power decides to cut, then you will be covered if you own this generator and use it as your backup generator.

Also, this generator comes with features such as the Automatic Transfer Switch (ATS). As mentioned before in other articles, this ATS will command the genset to start itself upon power outage and commands it to shut down upon the return of the Tenaga Nasional Berhand (TNB) power.

Not to mention, the 60kVA MGM Genset is built to withstand heavy use. It’s engines is using the Cummins Engine which is a popular brand and the parts are easy to come by. It can also be used to be placed on a ship and vessel. Hence it can also be called a Marine Generator.

This 60kVA MGM Genset is one of the most versatile generator in the market because of its size which is not too small but small enough to be used in almost any application in Malaysia.

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