Cummins Generator Malaysia

Cummins Generators are one of Malaysia’s favorite brand among customers. They are reliable, silent compared to other brands and easier to repair in nature. This brand also carries with it a long history among the Americans because it is a USA brand. Europeans love it as well because some models are made there and on top of that, China and India makes Cummins Engines too. Cummins is creative in its marketing strategy whereby it allows manufacturers round the world to manufacture its engines and they are generous enough to share its technologies with these original equipment manufacturers.

When a Cummins engine is paired with an alternator, it becomes a generator. It is here, that customers are happy about because they know that they have obtained a reliable generator. We at Genset Malaysia provide such generators so that you, our precious customers get to benefit the competitive prices we offer as well as a reliable generator that will serve your needs for a long time.




Cummins Gensets usually start from 60kVA to 1500kVA. The usual models for the Cummins Engines are the 4BT series, 6CT series, NTA series, VTA series and the KTA series. Each of these series are unique in design but they do not violate the basic fundamental of the Cummins engine’s nature: Reliability and Easy Maintenance. This kind of generator is suitable to be used as a Backup Generator, Generator for Events, Generator for Construction Sites and Generator for Oil & Gas.

In Malaysia, the Cummins engine is mostly used in Marine Ships & Generators and fishing boats all around the country. Because fishing boats require reliable and long lasting engines, they choose Cummins. As a benefit from that, there are many spare parts available for the Cummins engine, hence reducing your cost of procuring the parts.

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