Frequently Asked Questions


1) Why should I hire from you when there are other generator suppliers in the market?

A: It may be true that you can compare prices between generator suppliers to check who is the cheapest. Before you make your decision on which generator supplier to choose, ensure that they can deliver. When we commit to deliver, we will deliver. Also when there is any troubleshooting involved, our team’s phones are always switched on. You can have peace of mind when you choose us.


2) Do you do rental or sale of Generators?

A: We actually do both rental and sale of generators. We believe that some customers would want their own units of generators permanently placed at their premise so that they don’t need to pay monthly rental. We provide such solution too.


3) Do you provide installation as well?

A: For rental units, our customers usually will install by themselves. However should they require us to do installation, we can provide that as well.


4) Which generator size should I choose?

A: We have various sizes of generators. To help you choose better, first determine how many amperes of current do you need? Once you have the answer, feel free to call us and we will recommend you.


5) Do you provide accessories as well for the generator rental?

A: If what you mean is providing cables, yes we do. We also have request for diesel and standby person which we arrange as well as an extra.