Upper Medium Generator Capacity For Sale & Rent

200kVA Generators are suitable to be used for backup generators in residential and office buildings. They can power up 200 amps at any one time with ease and it is enough to support lots of air conditioning, lightings and computers.

We supply 200kVA Generators for rental and for sale.

For rental purposes, the 200kVA is also used for Tower Cranes in Construction sites. They are used to power up the winches so that the crane could lift items. It is one of the most sought after generators in the construction site industry.

We have many brands that we carry for 200kVA gensets, namely : Cummins Engine, Volvo Engine, Mitsubishi and Komatsu. Depending on your requirements, I would normally recommend my clients to use the Cummins Engine brand because the parts are easy to be procured and they are reliable.

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