Generator For Military Army

The Malaysian Royal Army or Malaysian Armed Forces is the organization in Malaysia that protects its people from external threats. These threats include invasion from other countries and to safeguard the government if the latter is in danger. We as Malaysians are ever greatful for the service of the military army in our country.

The armies usually require power whenever they are out of the electricity grid. This would include camps in the forest or remote areas where electricity supply is hard to come by. The portable generators that we offer are sufficient for normal use. We also have Military Grade Generators that are durable and high quality that will last long and more robust. Usually, the characteristics of such generators are:

  1. thicker steel plate in construction,
  2. more sockets so equipments can be plugged in directly
  3. Comes with a trailer so that military trucks can easily tow the generator among other cargoes.

The size of the generator for this kind of application vary from 5kVA to 60kVA. We can also cater for larger ones.

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