Power For Tower Cranes, Construction Lifts, Water Pumps, Air Compressors

Construction sites in Malaysia requires power supply which is often not available. This is because the grid is not connected to the site yet. Therefore, the construction works would depend on power from Generator Sets. This is where we come in to bridge this gap. Our generators are designed to withstand heavy use and harsh weather so that you can reliably and continuously get your power supply from our gensets.

In addition, you may also require a Distribution Board during your rental of generator sets from us. This kind of devices can be built by yourself or you may rent it from us, subject to availability. For the long run, we suggest that you build your own so that you can save money in the long run.

Another thing worth noting is the size of a required generator. You need to ask yourself: Would I rather have one unit of 200kVA or 2 units of 100kVA or 3 units of 60kVA? This can save you cabling costs if planned properly. You could, for example, use a 20kVA genset for the workers’ living quarters, a 100kVA for the sites requiring pumps and air compressors and finally a 200kVA for a Tower Crane which usually requires lots of power to work well.

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