Distribution Boards also known as DB are electrical panels that consist of circuit breakers and Main circuit breakers. The main purpose of a DB is to allow distribution of electricity to many electrical appliances from a power source.

When constructing a DB box, it is absolutely vital to get a competent electrician to supervise it because if you are not careful, you may cause electricity shocks, current leakages and damage to electrical appliances if not done properly. To circumvent this, you can hire a distribution board from us.

Usually a DB is paired together with a generator set to allow many equipments to be used, such as lights, speakers, amplifiers, air conditioners, fans and any other power hungry items. How it works is that a generator produces a large amount of current, say 200 amps but needs to be distributed unevenly across air conditioners that take 10 amps each, lights that take 1 amp each and so on will require a distribution channel and the answer to this is the Distribution Board.

Distribution Board

Applications for a DB are dinner and daytime events, construction sites, oil & gas areas, factory shut down and temporary power applicaitons.

Here at Genset Malaysia, we rent distribution boards together with our gensets for larger capacity generators such as 60kVA and above.

In addition, we also sell generators that have build in sockets such as the 15kVA MGM Genset, 28kVA MGM Genset and 60kVA MGM Genset so that you may not need a distribution board because of the built in sockets where you can plug your equipments directly into them.

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