Power Supply For Singing Events

We supply generators which are truck mounted as seen in the picture above. These kind of generators are mobile and powerful which are in the range of 200kVA to 1000kVA. Depending on your concert’s power requirements, we can cater for them. Our supply of generator usually includes transport, diesel, cables and standby man to ensure you have an easy time so you can focus on your concert instead of worrying about power outage.

Also these kind of singing events usually use powerful speakers. These speakers have high power requirements. In addition, the use of amplifiers in concerts will cause power surge, hence increase in power demand. Because of this, our generators are equipped with Automatic Voltage Regulators (AVR) so that your equipments will get the power it needs without frying/damaging your amplifiers, speakers and television sets.

We are experienced in handling these kind of events. Rest assured that our generators that we rent to you for these kind of events are reliable, trustable and value for money because we charge appropriately.

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