Power Supply In The Barn

Farms in Malaysia require electricity. Whether it is to run the pumps, heating & air conditioning system, it is entirely up to the user. Large companies such as that of chicken farms require good sanitary system to flush the feces and to keep the place hygienic. This will ensure conducive living conditions for the animals, hence increase in productivity and in this example, higher output of chicken eggs.

The generator required for this kind of application would usually vary from 20kVA to 100kVA. This kind of size is sufficient to run the day to day usage of the farm. You can even add extra features onto the generators such as having an ATS feature. An ATS, also known as Automatic Transfer Switch will automatically turn on the generator upon detection of power failure and shut down itself upon return of the Mains power.

In addition, you can upgrade the generator to include sockets. These sockets will allow you to plug your equipments directly onto the generator, hence providing you with extra versatility on your precious generator.

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