Party & Wedding Events Generator

Malaysia has many wedding & party occasions that require power. However, some of these locations do not have Mains power supply. Hence you may require to rent a generator for such occasions. Whether it is a canopy wedding party, a wedding in a hall or events in a building, we can cater for your power needs. All you need is a generator of a suitable size, and we can help you determine such requirement.

For marquee tents, if you have about 5 of them, usually a 28kVA would be enough. This would encompass your PA system, lights and fans. However, should you have more tents, you should contact us so that we can help you determine the appropriate sizes.

One other thing you should look out for is diesel and cables. Please ensure you have them ready when you rent our gensets so that you will not be caught off guard when the genset arrives. You need cables to connect from the generator into your DB or equipments. Diesel should be sufficient to run your generator for the duration required.

We know this may be a hassle for you, that’s why you should consult us, the experts.

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