Gensets For Logging Camps

Logging camps in Malaysia require independent power supplies because they are often located off-grid. These camps usually have container cabins, machineries such as hack saw, chain saws, excavators and logging trucks as their basic equipment for logging to take place. Next question is what kind of generator size is suitable for these kind of operations?

What kind of generator would a logging camp require?

  1. Determine the number of cabins and offices you require.
  2. Determine the items inside that needs to be powered up, i.e. computers, fridges, air conditioners and so on.
  3. How long do you need power for in any 24 hour cycle?

Once you can answer the three important questions above, you can then decide on what kind of generator size you require.

We typically recommend our 15kVA MGM, 28kVA MGM or 60kVA MGM Generator for remote logging sites. This is because these generator sizes are smaller in dimensions and weight and is suitable to be carried and lifted by excavators and back hoe’s so that you don’t need a crane. However if you were to use larger generators such as the 250kVA to 500kVA type, you will most likely require a crane or heavier machineries to lift them. Therefore the aforementioned generator sizes are versatile, mobile, fuel saving and convenient to be used at logging sites.


Therefore if you have a logging camp that needs a generator, don’t hesitate to contact us to purchase one for your camp.

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