Genset Rental & Sale For Mobile Stall Trucks

Food trucks usually require additional power which the truck itself could not supply. This is because the car’s own alternator would not be able to produce enough wattage for coffee machines, blenders and so on. Because of this, additional power is required and this can be solved by procuring a generator set. The size of the generator set would typically be about 5kVA to 10kVA for food trucks. This would be enough to power the aforesaid items.

However some mobile stalls have more power hungry appliances such as air conditioning. This will require you to get bigger gensets such as the 28kVA MGM Genset. It is a larger unit which comes with built in sockets so you can plug your extension chord and multiplier chord to the generator. This gives you tremendous convenience so that you can focus on doing your own business in making money.

Mobile stall trucks also require a genset that is quiet. These kind of generators require the silent type rather than the open type. Silent type generators come with a canopy and it is usually weather proof as well and can be placed outdoors.

Do you need such a genset?

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