Generator Rental Malaysia

One of our key focus area is to serve Malaysians in the Generator Rental sector. We do this by giving careful consultations to our potential clients on what their needs are. By fulfilling their requirements and understanding their operations, we get to recommend more accurately what is the suitable kind of generator so that our clients do not face problems such as hiring and under powered genset.

One example is when we rented an 800kVA Generator to our customer who needed to do shut down maintenance, he was greatful that despite his requirement was only 600 amps at the time of request, he was able to bring it up to 750 amperes because of last minute add-ons. These kind of unforeseen circumstances is what we always prepare for, which is why our clients prefer to consult and use our services.



Our generators come in various sizes. From 5kVA to 1500kVA are commonly used sizes. We can also synchronize our generators to achieve up to 4500kVA should the need arises.

Also, our experience has allowed us to even provide a fail safe option for our customers who MUST NOT have power failures during a shut down maintenance. This means that we ensure you have the power you need regardless of unforeseen generator problems.

Other genset rental applications that you may require may come from: Genset Rental for Water treatment plant, Genset Rental for Trade Shows, Genset Rental for Office Buildings, LRT/MRT & Generator rental for construction sites.

Therefore should you require a generator rental service, be sure to consult us and we will be more happy to attend to your needs.

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