Standby Generator Rental For Factory

Factories more often than not require backup power so that production can still go on if there were to be electricity blackout or power failure. Hence a backup generator is required in such situations. This is where you need a Standby Generator for your factory.

How we do it is simple. We first determine the size of the generator you might need and if you need help in ascertaining this, you can get us to do a FREE Consult for you. After that, we will supply you the generator you need and you can choose if you would like us to do the installation as well. This is because we are flexible because we understand that you may have your own contractors to do such jobs. If this is the case, we would be more than happy to assist your technicians in the installations, hence you can save some cost there.

Next we will install certain specific circuit boards that will allow your generator to transition seamlessly to generator power when mains power fails. Vice versa is the case when Mains power comes back on and the generator will automatically shut down.

We have experience in doing such jobs of installation including several large factories in Malaysia. They did verbally tell us that our generators had been a life saver for their factory several times because they were in the middle of rushing a production when electricity suddenly fails.


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