Backup Generator For Sale & Lease

We provide backup and standby generators for your home, shop lot or office so that you can have continuous power and do not have to worry about power outage.

We all know that power outages causes loss of revenue and sales. This is because, if a restaurant does not have power, there will not be air conditioning and the cookers will not work, hence customers will have to be turned away. If your home do not have electricity, you will face discomfort because your air conditioning, fans and computers/internet would not work. Whatever the case is, electricity failure means loss of productivity and quality of life.

Why would you want to face these hardships when you can have an affordable and easy solution from us? We provide you backup generators. Whether you are office buildings, homes or shop lots, we can cater to your need.

Backup generators work by having specific mechanisms built into the generator which ordinary generators would not have. This would include: ATS, sockets and various other components that are too many to mention here. A Real Backup Generator is one which requires minimum human intervention or no intervention at all. It should be able to test itself every week, warn you when your fuel level is low and tell you what’s wrong with the generator when a problem arise. It also should work automatically so that you do not need to care about it and let us do the maintenance for you. All you should do is relax, sit back and do what you do best: mind your own business.

Therefore if you are looking for a generator, look no further. Call us now so we can give you a quote!

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