Backup Generator For Server Rooms

All server rooms would need a backup power just in case of power fails which causes the server to fail as well. To prevent this, server room usually will install a UPS (Uninterrupted Power Supply) using a bunch of car betteries stacked together. However, this kind of backup would only last for a few hours at most, hence a real backup solution is needed.

This is why we suggest that you install a backup generator for your server room on top of your UPS system. What this do is that when your power fails, the UPS kicks in. Then the generator kicks in which will immediately allow the UPS to go back to charging mode while your servers continue to run. Then when electricity comes back on, the ATS (automatic transfer switch) will changeover the electricity supply back to Mains power. This ensures power continuity for your server room and is what we do.

If you are looking for a backup generator for your server room, consider our 6kVA MGM Generator, 15kVA MGM Generator, 28kVA MGM Generator or 60kVA MGM Generator.


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