We Service Your Generators

Gensets that run for a certain period of time would require to have it serviced. During servicing, several parts and consumables will be replaced just like when servicing a car. By performing a service, a generator’s lifespan can be extended beyond it’s designed lifespan. We personally know a generator, whose engine is not famous but was serviced regularly, exceeded 11,000 hours and it is still running up till today! Imagine how far your generator engines could go if you were to service it regularly.

As aforementioned, the engine component of the generator is the item that requires regular servicing. The engines run by combusting fuel : diesel, petrol or gas usually. These fuel would cause internal combustion in an engine that allows pistons to move up and down rigorously and in doing so, would turn the crankshafts. These constant, high Revolution Per Minute rate of spinning of the flywheel would cause wear and tear. The wear and tear would wear of the metal parts of the engine, hence lubricant oil is required to reduce friction. However, over time, the abrasion between the cylinder and the pistons would cause material loss which would be collected by the lubricant oil. The lubricant oil would then flow towards a filter which is called the Lubricant Oil Filter. This is why during a service, it is absolutely vital to change the lubricant oil in totality and also to replace the oil filters. This is the basic of servicing. There are other parts of the engines which needs replacements as well and we are skilled to perform such a service for you here in Port Klang.


In addition to the engines, generator also has another vital component which is known as the Alternator. Alternators produce current whenever the rotor is turned by the engine. Alternators would also lose efficiency over time due to the coils that deteriorate in quality over time. Hence the alternators would need to be serviced by opening it up, rewiring and placing it in an oven overnight to make it like new again. However, these procedures are not often required and only should be done if the alternators totally fail to work.

Therefore if you require generator servicing, call us now so that we can help extend the life of your generators! You can either bring your generator to our workshop or have our guy come over to your site.

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