Generator For Shop Lot Buildings

Malaysia’s Small Medium Enterprises (SME) uses shop lots as their main channel of doing business. Most of these shop lots require electricity to run, therefore they depend alot on Tenaga Nasional Berhad or Sabah Electric Board (SESB) or Sarawak Power. However, there are unexpected times where there may be power failures due to maintenance or wiring problems. Even floods would cause electricity blackouts in Malaysia.

Because we understand that these problems cannot be totally prevented, we therefore provide you with solutions. One of them is to install backup generators in your shop lots. Shop lots have constrained spaces especially in the ground floor. Our solution is to install it either in your ground floor or on your roof so that you will have easy access to the generators in times of need.

Even so, we try not to bother you to switch on the gensets during blackouts. We do this by automating most of the tasks needed to run the generator. How do we do it?

The answer is simple but the technicalities are complex. We place a CPU type of controller which will monitor the health of your generator in case something goes wrong : such as overspeed/undervoltage/overvoltage/under current/over current/low fuel/low lubricant oil warnings so that you know where exactly is wrong whenever something goes wrong.


We also include systems such as the Automatic Transfer Switch systems so that the generator will switch on by itself and turn off by itself when electricity comes back on. It will even do the change over for you without needing you to pull levers unlike conventional backup generators.

Worry your battery may get weak? We even have a solution for you on that.

Therefore if you are looking for a shop lot generator, look no further!

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