Gensets For Exhibition Events

Exhibitions in Malaysia require power to support the event. These kind of activities often require more power than the venue can supply. This is because, in an exhibition, there are more than a thousand booths where each booth will have its own equipments to showcase, in addition to the computers, fans and lights that they need.

Sometimes it is wiser to hire a large generator to power up the event. Even if the event has sufficient power, you should ask yourself if you are the event organizer – What if the power fails during my exhibition, despite power being supplied by the venue? What if some clients brought in some equipments which cause the Distribution Board of the hall to burn and get damaged? The answer is, you would need a generator as a backup for the event. In case main power fails, there is backup power. This is simply because, if the event has a power outage, the booth tenants will surely want their money back. Worse, they may claim the organizer for further losses or loss of income. This will be disastrous for the event organizer. So why not have some insurance by hiring our backup generators?

If you are unsure what power you need, call us so we can advise you.

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