Genset Trailer For Mobility On The Road

Generators are generally heavy and is difficult to transport from one place to another. Usually they are placed on lorry transportations which has a built in crane on board. This kind of mode of transport is only applicable when the lorry is present hence the generator will no longer be mobile when the lorry crane truck is gone.

To circumvent this kind of issue, generators sometimes come installed with wheels . However this kind of wheels are suitable indoors and when the ground is smooth without much gravel.

So the topic of this blog today solves the issue of generators travelling on the road. You need a genset trailer.


Genset Trailers


Generator Trailers come in either two wheeled or four wheeled trailers. The requirement for a two wheel or a four wheel falls on the weight and size of the generator. Typically for a generator of 60kVA and below, a two wheeled trailer is sufficient.

Your trailers will also need to be inspected by JPJ to obtain their approval so that they could be used on the road. They also require you to install brake lights at the back of the trailer because it is likely that the generator would be blocking your existing vehicle’s brake lights.


What Vehicle Should You Use For Genset Trailers


To answer this question, check your vehicle’s specification sheet. If your vehicle allows you to carry 2 tons of load, you are typically allowed to tow 80% of your carrying capacity.

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