Load Bank Rental Malaysia


Load banks are resistive devices that are used to test the actual capacity and capability of a generator. They are also known as dummy load generator which is designed to simulate actual power usage in an environment.

How it works is through a series of switches that are activated one at a time in terms of kilowatts or amperes. The actual current usage can then be compared with the dashboard of the generator to see if the readings are the same.

A load bank is important for generator users because it proves that this particular generator can actually reach such the designed loads.

Another benefit of using load banks is to allow generators to have some load when the actual usage is very small relative to the generator’s capacity. For example, if you have a 200kVA generator but you are only using 20kVA, this means that you are using only 10% of the generator’s capability. This will result in the generator’s engine to not run efficiently where there will be leakage of lubricant oil through the cylinders into the combustion chamber. This may cause symptoms of the engines such as lubricant oil leaks within the exhaust manifold and in some cases, white smoke in the exhaust pipe. To circumvent this, you need to apply some load onto the generator. This can be done by creating a dummy load using our load banks to allow the generator to reach about 60% of its capacity.


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