Genset For Oil & Gas Sector

The Oil price is uncertain where we had seen a series of decline recently. While being so, the projects for this sector will go on indefinitely. Oil wells will still be drilled and oil discovery will still be done. The oil rigs and offshore marine vessels will need Oil & Gas generators for their use.

The kind of oil & gas generators which will be used could either be:

  1. Standard specification generators. These kind of gensets are ordinary gensets which are seen at shops, factories, construction sites and other common locations. They do not have special safety requirements and are the most budgetary type of gensets.
  2. Second type is called the Rig safe Generator. The requirements are higher than the standard specifications where they are made from thicker steel plates and come with certain accessories such as the spark arrestor. They are long lasting and are safer to use in a possible explosion area.
  3. The third type is called the Zone 2 Generator where it should be designed to be explosion proof. The safety requirements for this kind of generator is high and it comes with ATEX certifications and meet the European standards of safety. These generators are difficult to be built but is suitable to be used in most areas of the Oil & Gas sector.

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