Which Type You Should Get & Why

Generator sizes vary as mentioned in my previous articles which are from 5kVA all the way to 1500kVA for normal usage. If you need larger capacities, you will need to synchronize them. For most people who use it in their homes, factories and shops, you should consider getting a medium to small type. Why?


1. Smaller Generators Consumes Less Diesel.

Despite the diesel prices being at record low at the time of this writing, every little saving count. If you can live with a small generator, live with it. Get the smallest generator you can possibly live with and you are in a good position. Gensets of this sort range from 15kVA, 28kVA and 60kVA which is usually enough for construction sites, homes and shops. Make sure you insist on a Backup Generator when you get one of these.


2. Some Gensets Are Automatic & Some Are The Manual Intervention Type

When you get a generator, be sure to insist of an automatic generator. This would mean that starting the engines of the generator is just through the press of a button or two. The generator should also tell you what is wrong with it when it has problems. They should also come with the Automatic Switch On feature if you need to install it as a backup generator. You should own a generator which require minimal human intervention.


3. Gensets Should Come With Good Warranty

Some generator suppliers promise lengthy warranty but do not always deliver when it comes to genset trouble. I once had a customer who installed a brand new generator for a factory. One year later the factory owner called me asking me to fix his standby generator which was hardly used. I asked why not call back the installer which installed it. Guess what? The installer refused to pick up his call after he found out about the trouble!


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