15kVA MGM Generator

We are introducing the new 15kVA MGM Generator to the Malaysian market. This kind of generator comes complete with all the basic features needed for a home and backup generator. The kind of features include:

  • Automatic Transfer Switch (ATS) – It will automatically start itself upon mains failure and shut down upon return of electricity.
  • Built in Sockets – You can plug your equipments directly into the generator
  • OPTIONAL: Oil Water Seperator so that your diesel will always be pure from water when entering the engine.
  • Built in Grounding Rod
  • Superior Digital Controller
  • and more…

We have thought through many factors before we built this generator and that is why it is aimed at serving our customers conveniently with minimal human intervention.

The size, 15kVA is suited to be mounted on trucks, cabins, ships, army and various other purposes.

What are you waiting for?

Contact us now to get your 15kVA Generator here in Malaysia.

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