Generator Equipment Rental


Generators are equipments that provide power supply to your appliances. They come in a canopy which consist of a steel enclosure and can withstand rain and shine therefore suitable to be placed outdoors or indoors. If you are looking to rent a generator equipment from us, call us now.










Shown above are our vast number of generator equipments that we are able to rent. This would include small generators from 5kVA to 1500kVA. They are suitable to be used for:


Events require mobile portable generators because they are used in short periods of time. They can be typically from 5kVA to 100kVA because they are used to electrify speakers, lights, fans and some even air conditioning for tents. Events are usually dinner kind of events in open air spaces where electricity is hard to come by. Some even need additional power therefore external generators are required. You will also need a distribution board for events generator rental.





Genset equipments are also rented to construction sites because these kind of sites are temporary where generators are used until the project is completed. Therefore contractors prefer to rent than to purchase a generator in construction sites. Construction sites would usually power their water pumps, air compressors, welding machines and site cabins for their workers to stay in.



Therefore should you require a generator, call us now so that we can help you choose the correct type.


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