60Hz Generator RentalĀ 

Certain countries in the world uses 60Hz as the frequency for their electrical appliances. For example, Bahamas and Japan uses such frequency. In Malaysia, we encounter customers that use 60Hz in the Marine industry and factories.

We provide generator rental which uses the 60Hz spec and 480V which is usually the case. This kind of frequency is also used in the Oil & Gas industry whereby the equipments on board the rig requires such electrical frequency.

There are alternatives such as renting an inverter to convert 50Hz to 60Hz and frequency converter equipments but these equipments are costly and why would you want to add an additional barrier to your appliances from the electrical source (generators)? This will only lead to inefficiencies, hence power loss.

The 60Hz Generator rental that we supply range from 60kVA to 1500kVA. Therefore if you have any requirement on such a generator, contact us immediately because we can provide you with such generator systems with such frequency.

One fact for you to know is that 60Hz is generated when the engine runs at 1800RPM while 50Hz is generated at 1500RPM. On top of that, the alternator of the generator must be able to handle 60Hz and higher voltages in order for the generator to work properly and provide stable current for your appliances.


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