Generator Rental That Comes With ATS


Generators that come with ATS (Automatic Transfer Switch) is synonymous with Backup Generators because they are designed to start automatically whenever there is a power failure. Because of that we have designed our MGM Generator series to come with built in ATS that can ensure you have power during power outages.

On top of that, we provide Generator Rental through our Gensets that come with ATS so that you can rent backup generators from us now. It is a new feat in Malaysia which we are proud to provide because of our affordable pricing for backup generators.

This will give you peace of mind whenever you need power but it is not available at that point of time.

The applications for Backup Gensets with ATS would be most useful in Homes. This is to ensure your fridge/freezer and comfort will not be compromised due to the lack of electricity.

In addition, offices would also benefit from our backup generator rental because almost all offices in Malaysia require power to operate and having no power means having no revenue.

The way ATS work is by controlling the control panel of the generator to automatically start and transfer the load to the generator so that electricity of the house can be supplied.

If you are looking to rent a backup generator with ATS, contact us immediately at the number below:


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