Mobile Genset Rental

Mobile generators are gensets that are usually mounted on a truck or a trailer that can be moved around without needing to bring the entire unit down to the ground which causes it to be immobile and stationary. Therefore mobile gensets are useful for dinner and events, construction sites and even places that require power temporarily. The range of generator that are usually in the mobile generators list are 20kVA, 60kVA, 100kVA, 500kVA up to 1000kVA.

If you choose to hire a mobile generator from us, you can choose if you would like it to come with diesel, cables and standby person which are all absolutely optional. So you can choose only what you need and have a balance between price and convenience.

We have a vast experience of mobile generator rentals which include customers such as NXP, Western Digital and various events in Putrajaya, Seremban and Melaka.

Mobile gensets would need to be reliable however they are interchangeable because of its mobile capability.

In addition, gensets that uses a mobile truck has the benefit of shifting between adjacent places in the same compound which can be used as backup generators. How it works is by standing by the mobile generator truck nearby. When there is a power failure, the mobile genset comes to supplement the power. This will save space in space constraint areas especially for events.


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