3 Phase Generator Rental

Generators come in an either 3 phase or a single phase state. In Malaysia, 3 phase would usually use 415V while single phase would mean using a 230V situation. Therefore most of our generators come in 3 phase generators which mean that you can use 3 phase or single phase just by tapping on the correct terminals at the generator.

For example, if you require 3 phase, you would tap the U, V & W live wires while if you require single phase, you would just tap on the U and Neutral to get the desired 230V.

You may ask what’s the difference between 415V and 230V? The answer is, certain appliances only work in 3 phase state such as a 3-phase motor. If you use single phase on a 3 phase motor, the motor will not work properly where it may or may not turn. It may even damage the motor if exposed to prolonged undervoltage.

Therefore I usually recommend my clients to take 3 phase generators for rental if they need to rent one.

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