6kVA Generator Sale Malaysia

The 6kVA Personal Generator is another variant of a genset that suits personal needs more than anything else. If you want something smaller, look for the 5kVA Personal Generator.

This generator is suited for small applications such as powering laptops, computer, lighting and small power tools such as hand drills and electric saws. This generator however, can power up a 1 horsepower air condition, thus it is slightly more useful that the aforementioned 5kVA.

Another benefit of our MGM 6kVA Personal Generator is that it comes with built in sockets. This socket will allow you to plug in your equipments directly without needing to do dangerous wiring between the generator and the equipment. Just plug and play and you will be set to use your device.


In addition, our 6kVA MGM Generator comes with built in ATS. This allows you to power up personal items in case of power failures. This kind of application can be used for a wine cellar, refrigerator, computer servers with UPS and water pumps for your fish pond. While it may look like something which is unnecessary, you should look at the potential losses if you don’t have the 6kVA Personal Generator.

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