Mobile Generator For Camping

Camping in Malaysia often do not have the luxury of power supply. To overcome this shortfall, you will need a mobile generator. The genset should be small and quiet so that you will not disturb mother nature in the forest and you can sleep well at night while camping. The best way to do this is to hire a mobile generator. Question is, which kind of mobile generator for camping?

You have 3 types to choose from:

  1. You can use a normal 5kVA or 6kVA Personal Generator. This option is usually the safest. However, depending on whether you buy the silent or open type, you will have to bear with the consequences. The 5kVA Personal Generator Open Type is similar to the “Pasar Malam” kind where it will be noisy. It will also be prone to weather conditions such as rain and would not be safe to use. If you use the silent canopy type 5kVa/6kVA MGM Generator, then you can still operate it under rain. Moreover, the MGM Generators come with silent enclosure, ATS and battery charger, hence your generator would be able to be recharged in town whenever your battery runs dry.
  2.  Your second option is to use a 5kVA Petrol Generator open type. This is equally noisy to the 5kVA Diesel type. Except that the price of a petrol generator is slightly cheaper than a diesel type.
  3. The third option is the most advanced: The Inverter Type Generator. This kind of generator usually do not exceed 3kVA and is usually smaller. It is also expensively priced, hence not many people would go for this. However, the benefits are much more than that. It is silent and the engine can increase/decrease in speed according to load demand. Because of this, it is silent and it saves fuel, unlike conventional generators which run on 3000 RPM or 1500RPM.

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