Functions Of A Genset Control Panel

Generators consist of the Engine, Alternator and Control Panel. We understand what is the purpose of engines which is to produce a rotary drive while the alternator is used to cut through magnetic waves to produce electricity. The Control Panel therefore is to regulate the speed of the engines and signals the Automatic Voltage Regulator (AVR) on the alternator to ensure the voltage is stable to the consumer.

That is a nutshell on what a control panel does. This technology has been around since the early 1900s where electricity was first introduced by Thomas Edison in the United States. However the control panels back then weren’t as sophisticated as the ones we see today.


New Improvements

The control panel in this era could do alot more than ever before. One of the notable feature is the ability to start the engines just by the push of a button. We don’t even need to crank the engines with the key anymore unlike conventional generators.

Modern Generator Panel

These kind of control panels can tell you lots of useful information such as the voltage level, current usage, frequency, fuel level and RPM of the engines. It can even take care of the generator’s health for you by automatically shutting down the engines if there are any parameters which are abnormal such as over frequency or engines over speeding/under speeding.

The super modern ones can even do automatic synchronization of the generators such that it can synchronize 2 or more generators without needing human calibration hence power of up to 5000kVA of generator power is achievable by just combining 4 units of 1250kVA Generators.

These kind of generators are suitable to be used in power plants, buildings, oil & gas applications and other large scale electricity required areas.


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