Providing Power For Party & Eating Fests

Whenever there is a party or event, chances are there isn’t any power available. Even if there is, it may not be enough to support your equipment and systems. Because of this, you would need to either supplement or depend entirely on generator(s). 

Usually, the common sizes used for events range from 20kVA to 500kVA and we can cater for that.

One example of our previous experience was to support the power requirements of Formula E in Putrajaya where car racers from all over the world would compete. They require power of 1MW (1250kVA) and beyond for their computer systems, cabins and various other equipments. 

Another example of party and events kind of activity is the Glenfidditch event held at KLGCC where several 500kVA Generators were placed to power up the whole event.

Therefore if you are looking for a generator for your upcoming event, be it a birthday party, dinner or daytime events, wedding canopy party, you can call us to book your generator and we will be there to supply it to you.


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