Genset Rental For Factory Shutdown & Maintenance

Large factories in Malaysia for example Western Digital and NXP would require to perform maintenance of their sub stations periodically each year. While the maintenance is being performed, there will not be any power supply from the grid because of the safety hazard. As a result, the plant would have 2 choices:

  1. Either to shutdown the plant
  2. Or to hire a generator for shutdown and maintenance

Usually the factory will choose the second option. This is where we will come in to service the customer to ensure power continuity for the customer. As a result, the factory will resume operations as per normal.

Generator rental services for this kind of operation requires a high level of skill and the supplier would need to have the correct equipments as well such as having long enough cables, having the right generator size and having the right operations team on the ground. The staff on the ground would need to plan for refuelling timings so that the generator would not run out of fuel and shut down. This is detrimental to the plant’s operations especially in the semi conductors industry because a slight change in temperature will cause the entire batch of semi conductor chips to be damaged and unusable.


Therefore should you require a generator rental for your factory’s shut down & maintenance operations, contact us immediately!



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