Hospital Backup Generator

Hospitals and clinics require backup generators to ensure the life support systems work in times of emergencies. These systems include the defibrillators, oxygen pumps, water pumps, breather systems and fire fighting systems work in times of power outage.

A backup generator for hospitals is therefore an essential item if one hospital/clinic is to run. Lives are at stake.

We offer backup generator solutions to ensure your power outage will not affect your business and operations during blackouts.

Our backup generators come with ATS systems which are cost effective and efficient. This kind of generator is usually placed in a generator room with sound insulation systems in place to reduce the noise during the generator’s engines running. On top of that, we would include the switch boards to be inside the same room for convenient power maintenance and control. Also, there should be a fire fighting system in place inside the generator room as a security measure.

However if your clinic/hospital do not have a room space for our generator, we can offer you a silent canopy generator solution as well. What this means is that the generator is placed outdoors and it does not require a room. It comes in a complete container-like box which will act as a generator room. It will come built in with the ATS and we will connect the cables to your distribution board from the generator for you.

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