Generator For Navy Vessels

The Royal Malaysian Navy protects our coastline in Malaysia and defends against naval threats around Malaysia. The battleships such as KD Jebat which carries heavy payloads of missles are among forces in Malaysia to be reckoned with.

We supply generators to the Malaysian Navy as well through our high quality and robust generators just like those in the Malaysian Armed Forces Generators. We do this either through generator rental or generator sale. These generators would range between 60kVA right up to 800kVA. This is because navy vessels are huge and would require power to the whole ship. This also sometimes is used as a backup to their own Marine Generators. Also, we understand that the Navy may sometimes require generator customization through colors and features. Our generators are rich in features, hence we can fulfill customizations required.

Navy generators usually come equipped with sockets, variable electricity frequency and 480 volts in 3 phase. Not many generator suppliers in Malaysia have the capability of providing a 60Hz and 480V generator but rest assure that we can and have always been.

If you would like to enquire us about navy gensets that you need to supply, rest assure and you can contact us.

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