Emergency Power Supply For Office Blocks

Office towers in Malaysia may require constant power supply and cannot afford to have their power cut for whatever reason. One such example is Astro, the satellite broadcasting company in Malaysia which provides premium channels to consumers. Their company would have to be operated 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, hence they cannot afford to have power failure at any time.

Because of that, solutions for a backup generator for office buildings are provided by us to ensure you have power continuity at your end. Whether the purpose is for your chiller, air conditioning, electronics maintenance system or anything else, we can and will provide generator solutions for you. One of our such experience is to supply a 500kVA Generator for our customer. What we did was to install the 500kVA Generator onto one of their empty rooms on the ground floor, then we treated it as a Generator room. A generator room is one where we will perform acoustic sound treatment, exhaust air management and distribution board reorganization for our customer. As a result, the generator will start by itself during times of emergencies and take care of itself when the power comes back on.

From this, you may be able to tell that we have some experience in performing jobs such as the Emergency Backup Generator for Office Buildings.

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