Genset Rental Prices Malaysia

Generator Rental

Generator Rental

Generator rental prices vary from the following:

1. Location: The first thing you need to let the renter know is where would you like the generator to be used at. This will determine the distance between the generator store and the usage location. Distance affects the transportation cost, the time taken to travel as well as the complexity of placing down the generator at site. Therefore you should make it clear to the hirer what kind of location you will be putting it at. For example, if you place it in a field, you should let the hirer know if the field is safe to be placed overnight. Otherwise, chances are the generator may get stolen. Typically gensets placed in the fields are for events, parties & weddings and temporary camping sites. The range of gensets for these kind of activites are around 25kVA to 150kVA.


2. Duration: Duration of hire. How long do you intend to use the generator for? Typically, generator rental prices are not pro-rated. This means that hiring for 1 week does not necessarily mean you are saving money compared to hiring it for a month. It may be more than half the price of hire for a week compared to a month. This is because hiring a generator for short periods of time requires basic costs to kick in. There are costs associated to maintain and ensure the gensets are in working order before it goes out for any job. Therefore try to allocate more genset hiring time than needed.


3. Size: What is the generator size that you are looking for? If you want a small generator, let the hirer know in advance. If you plan to have a factory shut down, let them know in advance too. This ensures generators are ready to do your bidding when the time comes. Factory shut down gensets require time to prepare such as laying the cables, ensuring the gensets are synchronized and coordination efforts between the genset team and the shut down team. Let the hirer know in advance what is the purpose of the gensets. Typically these kind of applications require 500kVA to 2500kVA. We have done many of these kind of jobs, therefore you can call us for a quote if you have such a job.


This sums up what kind of generator prices you will be looking at based on the three important factors above. Just to give you an estimate genset rental prices: a 60kVA typically costs RM1800 per month for rental while a 100kVA costs around RM2000 to RM2100 per month depending on the location of use.


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