Genset For Electrical Welding Sets

Electrical welding sets usually come with a built in Inverter that allows it to use a single phase, 50Hz, 230V to hike up its current to 450 amperes so that it can melt metals and produce a weld. These inverter welding machines would require power. If it were to be connected to the grid supplied by Tenaga Nasional Berhad (TNB), electrical equipments around it such as lights would flicker. Therefore it is more advisable to rent a generator so that you can weld without disturbing anybody around you.

These inverter generators typically can use 3.8mm or 4.2mm welding rods which are enough to do most welding works in Malaysia. The generator which may be suited for this job range from 60kVA to 250kVA. Larger capacity generators are able to power up multiple inverter welding machines at the same time and this would increase productivity of a particular contractor.

Please do not get confused between an electrical welding set and a welding generator. This is because welding generators are one which run the engines specifically just to produce current for welding purposes. These are specialized machines which cannot be used to power up equipments. However it works the same way as an electrical generator whereby it consumes diesel to run the engines which in turn produces current for the welding rods.

If you were to ask our opinion, we would rather you get a electrical diesel generator than a welding generator.


Electrical Diesel Generator VS Welding Generator

  1. Welding generators do not power up other equipments. They are designed solely to weld metals.
  2. Electrical Diesel Generators can power up electrical equipments and can power up Electrical Inverter Welding sets. Hence is more useful.
  3. If you compare diesel consumption between the two, it is almost the same if you use both items for welding.


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