Genset Rental & Sales Cover Ipoh

Our genset rental & sales services cover Ipoh as well because we understand that there are many power requirements in this city. This is because Ipoh has lots of industrial areas such as the glove manufacturing business, scrap metals business and food business.

The genset sizes that we can rent to Ipoh starts from 60kVA to 1500kVA. Whether you need to rent in Ipoh by monthly or daily basis, you can call us to get your competitive rate from us.

As aforementioned about Ipoh’s food business, it is famous for many of its delicacies and it is as competitive as the famous Penang foods. This Perak city is also convenient to travel to from Kuala Lumpur due to the straight and well built PLUS expressway. Therefore, our gensets could arrive in a reasonable amount of time because of the good transportation infrastructure that Malaysia has.

Need a genset in Ipoh?

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