Generator For Shopping Complex

Shopping malls are huge buildings with lots of retail shops for customers to visit and purchase items. The malls have large amounts of air conditioning and lighting, hence will require large amounts of power. Next question is, how do you fulfill such huge power requirements?

There are 2 methods. First is to actually build a room for a backup generator. This will involve allocating space for the genset as well as determining what kind of size of generator is suitable for such endeavour. Usually these kind of generators would start from at least 500kVA upwards. This will involve setting up a generator room treated with sound treatment to reduce noise. It will also come with automatic transfer switch to enable the changeover of electricity between the mains and the generator to happen seamlessly.



The second method is to rent a generator from us whenever there is a scheduled blackout. In some extreme cases, you can also call us should you require emergency generator services. These kind of solutions are often temporary and will not solve your long term problems which come from power outages. Imagine what power outages will do to your business. You will lose money because customers cannot  buy your products and you will face a brunt from the tenants because you are failing them while they have done their part in paying you rental.

Therefore whichever solution you choose, whether it is through purchasing a backup generator from us or renting an emergency generator, we can fulfill your request.

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