House Gensets

Do you face blackouts at home? If the answer is yes, chances are you are looking for a home generator. A home generator is one which is designed totally for a home. It comes with safe features for a layman and useful enough to work during times of emergency blackouts. An example is, when there is a blackout at home, your home generator should start by itself and when the mains from TNB comes back on, the genset should shut down by itself.


Why should you get yourself a Home Generator?

Because it will keep you comfortable and safe during times of emergencies. What happens during a blackout is that your security doors will demagnetize and anyone can just enter through your door. Electronically locked doors will become unlocked. Air conditioniong systems will shut down. Lifts will stop working and your refrigerator will not work, hence all your poultry will decompose and you will lose money.


Okay I get it. So what kind of home generator should I get?

We have specially designed home generators. If you don’t have much power requirement, get the 15kVA MGM Genset. If you have a bigger home, get the 28kVA MGM Genset. Otherwise, anything bigger, you should get the 60kVA MGM Genset.


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