Generator For Your Home

A home generator is one which is placed outside your home. They are placed typically about 1 feet away from your external walls to prevent vibrations from being transferred directly into your house if the generator were to lean on your wall.

Home gensets are designed to work as a backup generator and an external power source for your power tools whenever there aren’t any electricity supply within reach outside your house. It can also be used for unusual equipments which you feel may damage your home’s circuitry if you were to connect it there. For example, welding sets should be connected to a generator instead of a home supply so that there won’t be an unusual spike of current demand when you are spot welding.

So how does a home generator work as a backup generator?

Home generators usually come with a device called the Automatic Transfer Switch (ATS) which would send a signal to the generator to start its engines whenever there is a blackout. The generator will then supply electricity to your house until the grid is restored. When this happens, the generator will switch back electricity supply back to the mains and your generator should shut down by itself.

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