Genset For Lighting Places

We provide generator lighting which are generators with built in telescopic lights. These genset lights are used to lighten up places such as construction sites, factories and working areas. The benefit of genset lights over ordinary gensets is that these units are mobile and can be pushed around the site as and where lighting is needed. The brightness is thousands of candelas which is more than enough to use it for working purposes.

In addition, genset lights are used in events which uses canopy in areas which has no street lamps and electricity supply. They are handy and can even have spare power for you to plug in a fan or two into the genset light unit. Here’s another picture of a genset light:



As aforementioned, there is the telescopic stand that allows the lights to be raised or lowered through a screw jack. This allows you to increase the area of lighting coverage in the expense of brightness. The brands we carry can either be the Japanese Yanmar brand or Chinese Launtop brands.

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