Zone 2 Gensets For Rental & Sale

Zone 2 generators are explosion proof generators that are ATEX certified which is designed to withstand explosions and fire hazards at anytime. Because of this, the steel plates used to built the generators are thicker than normal generators and can withstand more pressure from external forces. In addition, the fuel tanks are protected extensively so that they would not leak or catch fire easily. Zone 2 gensets usually come with lifting frames too which are called skids. These skids are lifting frames that can be lifted by cranes or helicopters to be placed at hard to reach places.

Zone 2 gensets are often used in Offshore platforms for the Oil & Gas sector. We have experience in these kind of rentals and sales, that is why we are able to explain it celarly and vividly for the users.

Zone 2 generators are expensive and difficult to manufacutre because they require certain certifiations from various parties such as the famous LR class.

Certifications are not only for the engines, but they are also for the lifting frame, spark arrestors and controllers.

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